The Atomic Toaster is the Doctor 's default weapon. It is acquired in Stage 3, and utilized in every stage afterwards.

The Doctor starts every stage after 3 with the Atomic Toaster and the Loaf of Bread in his inventory.


During Stage 3's tutorial, the player will likely acquire both the Loaf of Bread and the Toaster as commanded by Harvey. During this period, it is not yet the Atomic Toaster.

After saving Kermit, the Toaster is upgraded to become the Atomic Toaster. Kermit dips it in a small vat of plutonium which imbues it with atomic powers.

The game will not continue if Doc does not have the Toaster in his inventory at this point. He will have to return to the kitchen and retrieve it.


The Atomic Toaster cannot be utilized by itself, and must be used alongside other weapons (Loaf of Bread, Baguette, and Pumpernickel). The effect of the projectile depends directly on the bread used in the combination. It is therefore entirely possible in Stage 3 to accidentally (or purposefully) make it impossible to use any weapons in Stage 3. Luckily, the stage still can be completed without weaponry.

Unlike the Chaingun and the Infinite Magnum, the Atomic Toaster and Load of Bread do not use a hitscan to detect target. Rather a projectile is fired that must make direct contact with the target enemy. Should the toast miss, it will bounce several times, leaving a green trail behind as it travels. It will eventually explode, but cannot damage the doctor himself. If it does make contact with the enemy, the enemy will take damage roughly equivalent to a sniper grenade. Despite its high damage, it has lower fire rate, and the doctor himself is not particularly fast. As a result, this weapon is not made to take large crowds of enemies.

The Atomic Toaster can also be combined with Bageuette's to create powerful homing missile bread. The Pumpernickel will become like a grenade, and is the only projectile the doctor can fire that will directly harm him.

Once the Atomic Toaster is obtained, the doctor can no longer make regular toast.

In Stage 3 , the Atomic Toaster can damage the boss's shields, whereas in Stage 6 , the Doctor must use the Plutonium to harm him. Stage 9 does not have a regular boss, instead it is a small puzzle-based opponent that requires Atomic Pumpernickel to be defeated. In Stage 10, Zizzy Balooba can be damaged by any bread.